wheat stalk.jpg

I draw, and paint sometimes, and have made sculptures, but these are my first ideas about wearable art and jewelry.


I remember the first piece of jewelry that really spoke to me, when I saw it in a museum in Richmond, Va. It's an ear of wheat made of gold, from Greece in the 3d or 4th century B.C. 






It's fine and elegantly made, but so direct and simple it's also sort of primitive. Anyway, I love it, and looked it up recently,  and I wanted to share the image. 






These miniature record earrings are my first jewelry pieces.

earrings kafka.jpg

I’ve been playing with digital photo miniatures, mostly of vintage media objects like newspaper racks, books. I keep trying to make little piles of junk mail, but can’t seem to get what I want from it.

earrings bunny.jpg

I was looking at old vinyl records at an antique shop, and thinking what touching objects they are, so evocative of lived life, the fragility of it, and they have that gleam—which is just from how the recording medium works, but it seems so poetic. I wanted to try to get that effect, and tried a lot of different things before I felt it worked.